Company Name - Nail treatments
Opi luxury Manicure -
Manicure with paraffin wax mask £30
Opi Spa Manicure -
 File, shape, cuticle work, exfoliation, soak, massage and paint £25
Opi Fast Fix Manicure -
 File, shape, cuticle work and polish £18
Opi shape and Varnish £12

Opi Spa pedicure £27
Opi Fast Fix Pedicure £18
Add a paraffin wax hand or foot treatment to your treatment for £5.

Gel Polish
Gel application over the natural nail, lasts up to two weeks. Soak off of our gel is free.
IBD Gel polish on hands or feet £20
IBD Gel polish and fast fix manicure or pedicure £25
IBD Full manicure £30
IBD Full pedicure £32
Soak off charge for other salon's gels £5
We do not perform acrylic nails so cannot soak off acrylics.

SNS Dipping powder
Hands £30 -
A coloured powder that lays on top of natural nail.Stronger and harder than normal polish. Packed with calcium and vitamins to strengthen your natural nail.

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